Phantom Sup Stand Up Inflatable Paddle Board 10′

Phantom Sup Stand Up Inflatable Paddle Board 10′

  • $79.25

Phantom Sup Stand Up Inflatable Paddle Board 10′


Everyone’s raving about our phantom stand up paddle board! Why? Whether you are surfing, racing, fishing or recreational paddling, our premium inflatable paddle board provides you an unmatched stability and capability hence it is the best optimal board for expedition adventures.

Ready to take your SUP passion up a notch? The Phantom sup blow up paddleboard is an inflatable 10’6” paddleboard specially made for anyone looking to get out on the water. Take on any condition in an easy to transport package and lightweight setup; it’s the dream board for longer trips and touring.

Watch it come into its own on lakes, rivers, canals and choppier seas – with its ultra tough fusion drop stitch, thick surface laminate material allowing for high PSI inflation, traction pads for grip, triple fins for speed and a large detachable central US Standard fin for stability when paddle boarding, this is a super sturdy and responsive board.

Our inflatable sup paddleboard have gone through numerous analyses and tests before we finalize its material, shape and design. This most feature-rich platform is coupled with the adjustable paddle and a waterproof backpack that can house everything you need to get out on the water. With adjustable paddle mean not only specific height people can enjoy paddle boarding, it is meant for people of all ages and so anyone could master it in no time. 


  • PREMIUM MATERIAL – The sup inflatable paddle board platform is made of the highest quality ultra-light military grade 2-High density dropstitch material hence it have excellent wear resistance and longer service life. The max load is up to 280 pounds, making it the most durable and sturdy board in the market. Also it came with non-slip EVA soft deck. 

  • LARGE YET LIGHTWEIGHT – The large size of our stand up paddling board  meant to improve stability and balance for everyone while they are standing to do the paddling, while the paddleboard only weighed at 20.9lbs.  

  • SUPERIOR MANEUVERABILITY – The triple bottom panel fins help board improve overall speed. All three fins are removable and when all fins attached on the paddleboard, it will be more easy on steering and handling for people of all ages. 

  • VERSATILE & PORTABLE – This sup paddleboard was designed to inflates or deflates quickly without any hassle hence making it easy to keep into to the provided backpack. It is a versatile all-rounder board for beginners, intermediate and advanced skill rider.

  • COMPLETE ACCESSORIES – Check out the Specification section to see the complete accessories that comes along when you order our Phantom Sup Stand Up Inflatable Paddle Board.


  • 2-High Density Dropstitch
  • EVA Deck
Dimension:10’6″(L) * 30″(W) * 6″(H)
Board Weight:20.9lbs
Max Weight Load:280lbs
Package Includes:
  • 1x Phantom Sup Stand Up Inflatable Paddle Board
  • 1x Waterproof Backpack
  • 1x Adjustable Paddle
  • 1x US Standard Fin
  • 1x Ankle Strap Leash
  • 1x Dual Action Pump
  • 1x Repair Kit