2022 THE i9 Superior Motorized Foldable Electric Scooter

2022 THE i9 Superior Motorized Foldable Electric Scooter

  • $79.17

2022 THE i9 Superior Motorized Foldable Electric Scooter



Tired of traffic congestion and exhausting walking distance around the city? Eliminate these frustrations now by owning our exclusive motorized electric scooter, also known as the best commuting innovation ever in town. Our electric scooter is the new stylish, revolutionary upgrade in urban mobility as it is Versatile, Convenient, Eco-friendly and Reliable.

Powered by Innovation, Engineered for Safety

Go anywhere, anytime without getting caught in the middle of traffic. Designed to be sturdy and powerful, our powered electric scooter not only allows you to zip across the busy town efficiently, it is also perfect for off-road adventures during the weekend.

Exceptional Design, Extraordinary Journeys

This exclusive foldable electric scooter seamlessly blends rugged capabilities and exceptional comfort. It is emission-free, relatively safe for all ages, and easy to use. Offering extra miles while being able to climb uphill journey easily and withstand multiple punctures, our electric scooter is an entertaining and practical liberation device, covering a range of areas.


    • Designed to be most powerful and sturdy electric scooter with 350W brushless gear motor allowing easier maneuverability off-road
    • Top speed performance up of 30km/h, where you can set maximum speed for different scenes via APP
    • Adopted an advanced braking system, adults electric scooter with disc brakes and regenerative anti-lock braking system
    • Equipped with bright 30W headlight and a red tail light to keep you riding safe all the time especially at night
    • High quality lithium-ion battery with capacity of 7.5 Ah, has overcharge and deep discharge protection 
    • Designed with multiple suspension system and 8.5″ honeycomb shock-absorbing tires with elasticity and wear resistance

    • Foldable electric scooter design enabling you to carry it easily anywhere, anytime
    • Connect your foldable electric scooter to our free APP (iPhone & Android) via Bluetooth

    • Features speed setting, mileage and time tracking and e-scooter self-test

    • Has cruise control where you can set speed so that no constant turning on the throttle is required


Dimension:45″(L) * 16.5″(W) * 45.3″(H)
Folded Dimension:45″(L) * 16.5″(W) * 20″(H)
Power:201 to 500W
Voltage:36 V
Charging Duration:6 to 8 Hours
Range Per Charge:14 to 17 Miles
Capacity:265 LBS
Tire Size:8.5 Inch
Package Includes:
  • 1x 2022 i9 Superior Motorized Foldable Electric Scooter
  • 1x Manual Instruction Guide